Day 1: A party in our heads!

“Las palabras espanol y ingles tienen una fiesta en mi cabeza!” – exclaimed Jon to the driver who picked us up at the airport in Guanajuato and who was also patiently and graciously helping us practice our Spanish. Since day 1, we’ve been immersed in the Spanish language, creating what Jon called a “party in our heads!”

Just a couple days in and we’ve already decided that this magical place of Guanajuato is truly the perfect starting point for our trip, for several reasons including- everyone speaks to us in Spanish even when they know we aren’t native speakers and are struggling to say “how much do these tortillas cost?”, it is absolutely gorgeous (see pics below), there are many Spanish language schools with excellent ratings and affordable prices, we found the cutest hacienda through Airbnb with the friendliest host, Elias, (more on him in a future post), the weather is temperate with highs in the 70s and occasional brief thunderstorms, the food is savory, flavorful, and cheap, it is a university town full of young, energetic faces, and lastly… did I mention how beautiful it is!?

We are so excited about the adventures ahead. Over the next couple of days, we will be wandering the streets looking for some Spanish classes that will kick start our journey to fluency. Wish us buena suerte! (good luck)