At 3:56pm on Saturday November 21, I looked around the beautiful home of our dear friends Chris and Danielle. The Holiday Bazaar we’d been planning for months was about to begin in four… Continue reading

Business-y Stuff / And sneak peaks into the Holiday Bazaar!

For the past few weeks, Jon and I have been spending almost all of our free time getting ready for our upcoming Holiday Bazaar, where we will be showcasing and selling lots of… Continue reading

The Simple Life / And Our Holiday Bazaar!

This is our one car. It has over 150,000 miles and the outer paint looks like it is melting right off. When we need data on our phones, we switch the “cellular” button… Continue reading

A Celebration of Life

A couple of weeks ago Jon and I attended my Uncle Willie’s Celebration of Life service in Olympia, Washington. When I heard the news of his passing about two weeks before the end… Continue reading

Jon and Carolyn’s Top 10 Lists and Photos

We love answering questions about our World Tour. The vast variety of questions we’ve received have helped us to reflect upon our time abroad and how it impacted our lives. Many people are… Continue reading

Going back, Moving Forward – Our Return Home

Weeeeee’re baaaack! And it feels great. We flew into LAX and enjoyed a few days with my family in Rancho Cucamonga. We did everything I had been dying to do while abroad- eat… Continue reading

Some Thoughts About Coming Home

Countdown to return: less than 12 hours Warning: stream of consciousness about to commence… I’ve recently been reading some travel blogs about people who have been traveling the world for years. Some of… Continue reading

You know you’ve been traveling a long time when… And pictures of Puebla

You know you’ve been traveling for a long time when… You carry/steal toilet paper because you never know when you’ll need it and it is not provided…which is all the time. The first… Continue reading

I had a crazy dream last night

I had a crazy dream last night in Oaxaca. It was hot and humid. Everyone spoke an unknown language but I could understand them somehow. There was color everywhere- the houses, the streets,… Continue reading

Artisan Stores with a Cause

In the last post we talked about purchasing items from pueblos, directly from the artists. When we are not purchasing from the artist, we look for businesses with the “fair trade” symbol to… Continue reading