About us

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The Who: Carolyn and Jon – We are two 80’s babies who try our best to live peaceful, fulfilling lives. We reside in a beach bungalow in Ocean Beach, San Diego CA and enjoy sipping local brews and chowing down on the local eats, especially California burritos from Ortega’s! We are also Seinfeld nuts! Jon’s a surfer who loves to BBQ Lao-style and document the “seasons” of OB. Carolyn, also known as Cece, is the sushi lover, tennis and yoga enthusiast, and TV couch potato. In our former working lives, Carolyn managed the volunteer program and developed community partnerships at Planned Parenthood and Jon taught AP Calculus to high school students in City Heights. A perfect match right?

The Where: Our plan is to learn Spanish in Latin America (Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia), savor the flavors and sites of Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Hungary), and find inner peace in Asia (India, China, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia). Note: This “plan” is more like our best guess. It could change tomorrow. Keep checking the blog for updates.

The When: We depart sometime during the week of August 11, 2014 and will most likely return to San Diego 1-2 years later.

The How: We have a very limited budget, I mean extremely limited. I’ve been laughed at when I tell people what our budget is. So we will have to be creative in how we use our money and experience the world. There are many ways to travel on a dime and we plan to try just about every one of them. Traveling on the cheap is the best way to have an adventure, get the local experience, and make your trip last!

The Why: In December of 2011 we were driving home from a family visit to San Francisco and started talking about my sister’s six month stint in Kenya. Our own dreams of long term travel came up and then there was a pause in the conversation…we looked at each other and BAM! No, we didn’t hit the car in front of us. World Tour was born! Do we loath our jobs? Not at all. Do we mourn having to live by the beach with our wonderful friends and family near by? Heck no. We aren’t running away from life, we are running towards it!

Our goals for this trip are: (yes we are geeks who create goals for everything)

1. To strengthen our “selves” – learn Spanish, practice our instruments (Jon- guitar, Carolyn- violin), exercise often, read a lot, follow our passions.

2. To strengthen our relationship – make decisions together, talk to each other a lot, listen intently, appreciate each other.

3. To strengthen our appreciation of life – absorb the best facets of the various cultures we encounter, meet travelers and locals, become less reliant on “stuff”, live more with less.