We are both so incredibly blessed to have the support and love of our families as we depart on this great journey. It isn’t easy to leave them for so long, especially since we have seen more of them this year than many years past. We love you all so much and know that we would not have had the courage or ability to go on a trip like this without you in our lives. It has been an incredible year with lots of fun and special family memories that we will carry with us for many years. Although we are taking off for a little while, you will be with us each day in each new place and memory. Enjoy these family memories from this year:



As we fly we keep in our minds
Identities, histories, memories

Roots. Keeping us grounded
And giving us limitless flight.

A haven. A home. A roadmap.
A flashlight in the dark.

Encouragement. Inspiration. Opportunity.
Safety and Love.

Family. Keeping us grounded
And giving us limited flight.