Back to school!

photo 2

Jon’s private class with Beto

Just like many of the teachers and kiddos we know, we are headed back to school this week! We signed up for dos (2) clases de Espanol per day for one week at Adelita, a modest yet energetic Spanish school about a 30 minute stroll from our place. On the way to class, we will sometimes pick up a sweet pastry at the local panaderia (bakery) for about 45 cents. Coffee and water is provided at the school to ensure that you are awake and ready for class. We like this school because of it’s modesty. They don’t spend tons of money on fancy desks and chairs or technology (all of their scheduling is tracked in a graph paper notebook), but rather they focus their attention on classroom instruction, making you feel welcome and working around your schedule. Carolyn is taking one “gramatica” class with Luis, and one conversation class with Esme. Jon is taking two conversation classes, one with Beto and one with Gabi. Everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful and not annoyed to answer our many questions or stop when we saylo siento, no entiendo!” We don’t have any classes together and each have one that is private, although we got it at the group class rate. We can feel ourselves picking up the language quickly as the teachers and other students will only speak in Spanish.

For anyone considering taking classes in Guanajuato, we highly recommend Adelita! Although we’ve heard great things about all of the schools. Our second choice was Escuela Mexicana, a much bigger school with brightly colored rooms and nice chairs and desks. They also plan lots of excursions for additional costs. If you want to meet a lot of travelers, do more sight seeing and have a bit more cash in your wallet, this would be a great choice. The reason we went with Adelita was that not only was it cheaper (more about our budget in a later post), but we just like smaller, more personal establishments. And we got a great vibe from Luis who we spoke with when we visited. Of course there are tons of reviews you can consult on Trip Advisor.

If you want to practice Spanish or any language from anywhere, we also highly recommend downloading Duolingo to your smart phone or computer! It uses a variety of techniques, is actually kinda fun, and the best part is it’s free!