The bumpy ride from Costa Rica to Panama

We were only in Costa Rica for four days, but our time there was enchanting, tropical, and we made some wonderful new friends (Hi Kat and Daniel!). Puerto Viejo (on the Caribean side)… Continue reading

Three stories of resiliency in Guatemala

Just about every Guatemalteco (Guatemalan person) we have met are some of the most resilient, kind, and intelligent people around. 23 native Mayan languages are still spoken in the country. In San Pedro,… Continue reading

A Day in the Life on World Tour- Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Before departing on our World Tour, we received a piece of advice from many of our traveler friends that has stuck with us (rather subconsciously): develop a daily routine or structure as often… Continue reading

Lake views, Spanish schools, and “Gringolandia” in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Enroll in Spanish school…check. Find apartment…check. Make friends…check! All within 24 hours of arriving. We are really getting the hang of this world travel business! San Pedro La Laguna, a small-ish town on… Continue reading

Mexico, you are beautiful and we will miss you!

15+ hours on two normal buses, two combis (crazy vans), and two WILD rides on “chicken buses” (think Indiana Jones ride or Mr. Toad’s Wild Adventure…but instead of being at Disneyland you are… Continue reading

The incredible story of Juan Valdez and his mustache

OK friends, many of you have noticed that a guy with a big bushy brown mustache has been following me around on World Tour. When people have asked me who it is, I’ve… Continue reading

A quick tour of the Zapotec ruins, Monte Alban

“Many indigenous groups in Mexico accepted Spanish rule, accepted their God, went to their church, brought them gold, and practiced their way of living…on the outside. But inside their homes and communities, they… Continue reading

Carolyn’s unedited reflection on 2014

Hey everyone, Carolyn here. The other day I sat down and reflected on the past year without thinking ahead of what I wanted to write and without stopping to edit (I have only… Continue reading

Feliz Navidad from Oaxaca City!

Just wanted to wish all of our family and friends a very feliz Navidad and holiday season from Oaxaca Mexico! We miss you all, especially today and tomorrow, and hope you are snuggled… Continue reading

FOMO in Oaxaca City!

Dance performances, art shows, symphonies, parades, plays, concerts, rallies, bazaars, craft fairs, book fairs, food fairs, chocolate tastings, lectures and poetry readings! All day every day! One of the “hardest” things about living… Continue reading