The Hunt: Hammocks in Merida and Textiles in San Cristobal

So this is the fun and easy part of our new adventure searching for handmade treasures- buying stuff! Imagine going to an artisan market and buying every colorful and shiny object you want!… Continue reading

10 Steps to Finding the Pueblo

So you are on a hunt for beautiful, locally handmade artwork and handicrafts in Mexico. You want the best prices, the best stuff, and you want it directly from the artist. Oh how… Continue reading

A new adventure: The hunt for handicrafts!

Sweet, hot, sticky air. Cold showers. Bumpy roads. Brightly painted everything. Rooster alarm clocks. Outdoor markets. Hammocks. Wood carvings and tapestries. Carne asada and ceviche. That’s right, we’re back in Mexico! When I… Continue reading

A jolly good time with jolly good mates in Yorkshire, England

You know how at Disneyland, the roads are windy and cobblestone, lined with cute wall to wall stone buildings and castles and everyone is so cheery and friendly that it seems fake? Well,… Continue reading

Mastering the Art of French Vacationing

The motto of the past 5 days in Southern France has been “Ohhhh yeaaahh. This is the life” It was first stated by 10 year old Lucia, daughter of friends Kacey and Marianne,… Continue reading

Daydreaming during the Flamenco Show

“What did you think of the show?” – Spanish teacher “Intense! Strong!” – Me “Incredible” – Jon “Passionate” – Classmate #1 “Weird” – Classmate #2 Two hours earlier, amongst students from our school,… Continue reading

A world of possibilities!

One of the things Jon and I love to do with our endless days on World Tour is sit around, feet up in the air, dreaming about our futures, with a glass of… Continue reading

Lost in Granada, Spain

We lost our tour group. Yup. It all started when I had the brilliant idea of going on a free walking tour of Granada…in Spanish. Porque no? Why not? We’ve been taking Spanish… Continue reading

Why we are staying in Granada for 5 weeks

A couple of weeks ago we talked about our decision making process and why we decided to come to Spain. What a great decision that was! Here are some reasons why we are… Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions…in Dozza, Italy

Our pants were dirty, our shoulders sore, hands blistered, hay stuck in our shoes and hair, and yet we smiled, wine glasses in hand, rolling green pastures of grapevines unfolding in front of… Continue reading