At 3:56pm on Saturday November 21, I looked around the beautiful home of our dear friends Chris and Danielle. The Holiday Bazaar we’d been planning for months was about to begin in four minutes. The sun was at that perfect stage where everything around me had a soft glow. I peaked into the kitchen to see our friend Jorge grabbing trays of food to place outside. Surrounding him were several of our displays that prominently showed off the products we would be selling in 3.5 minutes- the precious black clay pottery and figurines, woven and hammered tin ornaments, intricate and brightly colored Guatemalan scarves. The living room was void of people but vibrant with beautifully framed Otomi fabrics, colorful baskets and a suitcase barely able to contain numerous carefully tied Mayan hammocks. Straight ahead, Jon and our friend Katie sat behind a table in the living room, reviewing their purchasing/check-out/packaging process for the 60+ guests that would be soon arriving. 3 minutes to go. I’m not sure they realized that they wouldn’t move from their seats for the next 2-3 hours, which was the length of time that they would have a continuous line of our friends, family, and guests waiting to buy their purchases. A few yards in front of their table was a joyful display of hand-woven pillow cases of bright turquoise, orange, navy blue, gray, and grass green all speckled with beautiful off-white Mayan symbols and an array of hammered tin and talavera mirrors. I glanced at them still amazed that none of them broke in our backpacks as we carried them on numerous buses, planes, and taxis. Lastly, to Jon and Katie’s left was a large wooden display of Alebrijes, or painted wood carvings. Picture being on a safari and seeing all kinds of wildlife including elephants, goats, pigs, rabbits, coyotes. Now picture them all with yellow blue and pink polka dots, flowers painted on their backs, zig zags down their faces. Oh, and about a couple of inches tall. Sighing deeply, I grabbed my phone out of my back pocket. 3:59.


In that last minute I glanced around the room then closed my eyes and images of our last month of World Tour flashed before me: the kind face of the woman at the hammock store who gave us some of her lunch, the multiple hot and sweaty vans we rode in while clutching tightly our newly bought treasures, both suitcase handles breaking from being so heavy, my nervous face as I handed my backpack stuffed with delicate pottery to the bus driver assistant pleading with him- “es muy fragile!”, and the satisfaction of weighing our luggage at the airport and not being charged a cent of baggage fees!

Once my phone struck 4pm, the bazaar began! And how glorious it would be. I would soon again pause and look around the room and be stunned by the sight of so many friends and family clutching bins filled with our precious and colorful crafts that represented the journey we had recently completed. The event would turn out to be just as beautiful, colorful, and successful as I had always imagined. The question is now- what do we imagine for the future?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are so thankful for our friends and family who supported us on our journey abroad and with our crazy idea to sell handmade crafts. We want to especially thank Danielle and Chris for hosting the Bazaar and Katie and Jorge for all of their help.

Here are some beautiful photos taken by Danielle herself:








FullSizeRender (2)











And here is our road trip selfie with Carolyn’s parents on our way to San Francisco yesterday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!