Business-y Stuff / And sneak peaks into the Holiday Bazaar!


For the past few weeks, Jon and I have been spending almost all of our free time getting ready for our upcoming Holiday Bazaar, where we will be showcasing and selling lots of beautiful, handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces of art that we picked up during our travels in Mexico and Guatemala.

One reason that we’re having this event is to give ourselves a small taste of what it is like to start a business. Product line, pricing, tax write off, return on investment, distribution, development, all of those fun business-sounding words have crossed our lips a few times and are all concepts we’re working on without a drop of business experience. What a grand new adventure for us! Jon serves as the Director of Finance and Director of Display Construction. I am the Director of Marketing and Communication and Head Buyer. We’re both Co-Owners, Co-CEO’s, and Co-Administrative Assistants.

Our workshop is the condo of Jon’s parents about 20 minutes east of us. His parents won’t be there until early December so we’re using the space to its fullest (don’t worry Joyce and Ray- it’ll be spotless when you arrive, we promise!). The kitchen table is not-so-neatly decorated with small scraps of string, blank price tags with our snazzy design, tape, pens, rubber bands, pliers, ceramic skulls and painted wood carvings. We’ve placed a new rug on the floor that isn’t a rug, but a large piece of burlap fabric upon which all of our hammered tin ornaments display themselves. The bedroom stays nice and cozy with old empty boxes, crinkled packing paper, worn out plastic bags, (all packing supplies we’re saving for those who decide to make a purchase), a tall thin fake Christmas tree ablaze with color from various beaded and woven ornaments, and a suitcase full of hammocks.


This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my early Christmas tree decorated with beautiful little treasures!



I know Dad what you’re thinking, and I promise I will clean my room…as soon as this Bazaar is over!

IMG_6129360 price tags will sure give you a hand cramp.

Our days have been filled with designing flyers and price tags, making promotional videos, communicating and emailing everyone we know, maintaining detailed records, analyzing finances, researching items and prices, and the most time consuming task of writing out each price tag. It might sound surprising that writing a number on a sticker or piece of paper would take so long, but that’s because we’re also writing the name of each item, its source or artist, and the region from where it came. Oh, and there is also a code so we can easily track what items have been sold.

All of this hustle and bustle is exactly why we wanted to come home at the end of our trip. Blasting music while writing price tags was the image I held in my mind when I envisioned getting ready for our Holiday Bazaar. If we don’t make a cent, it will still all have been worth the fun of working together, experimenting with this whole business concept, and getting to make cute cheesy videos and designing cute cheesy flyers. (You know you love them!)

Below are some photos and our promotional videos which give you a sneak peak into some of the items we will be sharing and how they are made.

Note: RSVPs are full for this event! How awesome!


I know some of you are teachers out there…



I call these gangsta snowmen!



You can be stylish AND support local artists abroad



Mayan Hammock



Tortilla baskets!



Two turtle doves!



Otomi woven fabric, framed. Love the colors.



Ugh, my heart melts every time I see this vase. So beautiful!


Curious as to how these items are made? Here are some videos we made to show you! We’re quite proud of them 😉