The Simple Life / And Our Holiday Bazaar!

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So this is one way to avoid debt… Isn’t it perty?!

This is our one car. It has over 150,000 miles and the outer paint looks like it is melting right off. When we need data on our phones, we switch the “cellular” button to “on” and it charges 6 cents for each megabyte. We have a $10 per month plan but I usually go over my limit and spend $20 per month. Jon doesn’t go over. We rarely eat out unless it is a special occasion and even then, we go to where the deals are. We are really getting into the art of cooking. Jon is really into making beans so we eat those a lot- high protein and fiber and they are yummy! We shop at The Grocery Outlet and Costco. We only watch TV at our parents’ and friends’ homes since we don’t have one. I share my sister’s netflix account. I can’t remember the last time I went “shopping” for fun. We turn in our recycling for money. We are sleeping on the couchbed in our living room and renting our 1 tiny bedroom to a good friend. Oh, and we both just got approved for free health insurance- thanks Obama!

So what do all of the things I listed above have in common? You probably guessed it- they are all ways in which we are saving money. You might be thinking- why don’t you just get jobs already!? We’re workin on it. But we’re being very thoughtful about it as we have the opportunity to “choose our own adventure”. What we’ve chosen so far looks like this: I have picked up a couple of shifts per week at a bar/restaurant in the historic San Diego Balboa Park. Jon is helping a friend clean and fix her house and will be doing some private math tutoring soon. I play tennis on Wednesdays and we play volleyball on Saturdays. Jon surfs when the waves are good. The rest of our time is spent taking long walks on the beach, pausing for afternoon tea (a habit we picked up in Yorkshire, England!), and visiting with friends and family.


Beautiful Balboa Park is the backdrop for my new “office”

And although we are living a frugal lifestyle, we never rarely complain because we know how privileged we are. I mean, we live in a place where we bundle up for the winter by swapping our sandals for shoes and pulling out our cardigans and hoodies from the “cold weather” bins. Both of our parents paid for our undergraduate education of which we are eternally grateful. We are highly motivated people who worked at our previous jobs for several years and built up modest but mighty reputations, savings and retirement accounts. So don’t worry mom and dad, we’re doing just fine. We’re enjoying the simple things in life and keeping our minds and schedules open to all of the new and exciting opportunities that may come our way in the months ahead.

Speaking of new and exciting opportunities…!! We would like to announce the details of our Holiday Bazaar, scheduled for Saturday November 21 4pm-8pm in San Diego, in which we will be celebrating our travels, our return, and selling the beautiful and traditional hand-made folk art we collected in Mexico and Guatemala. We’re starting small and hope to expand in the future! Therefore, this event is not public and is intended for family, friends, and their guests. See the flyer below and please email me at for details and to RSVP. We hope to see you there!

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