A world of possibilities!


Globe marble gifted right before we left for World Tour from dear friend, Becky aka B-Squared. Always with us.

One of the things Jon and I love to do with our endless days on World Tour is sit around, feet up in the air, dreaming about our futures, with a glass of wine. Today, after Spanish class, we retreated to our fabulous apartment which was recently upgraded to the top floor with window view of the Alhambra from the living room, and asked each other the question: “What would you do if you could do ANYTHING”.


This is a question we have been asking a lot lately. As we near the end of our journey abroad, we are becoming more aware of the reality of our return to unemployment, uncertainty, and total uninhibited freedom. We’ve had many crazy ideas including: starting a compost collection system in Ocean Beach, collecting cans (seriously), running a Bed and Breakfast, selling Mexican handicrafts, starting a Spanish school, becoming a barista at a coffee shop, opening a coffee shop, being a translator, writing a book, offering budgeting and financial planning services, substitute teaching, blogging for money, being a social media person, making pickled vegetables, being a carpenter, organizing surf trips, making sushi, teaching calculus, working at a nonprofit, and being a sportscaster. It is absolutely thrilling to come up with new ideas and break down the steps to achieve them! It is also extremely overwhelming and scary.

It takes me back to a time far far away (ok not that far away), when I was just a wee student at UCSD. I vividly remember sitting on my bed cross legged and staring out the window. My roommate, Rahwa, is laying on her bed reading or listening to music. I glance down at the list of majors sitting on my lap. I am halfway through year 2 and still undeclared, tortured by the task of making the decision that will dictate the course of the rest of my entire adult life. At that moment I blessed and cursed my parents for never pressuring me toward a certain career. At least I had narrowed it down to biology, sociology and theater. The next day I spent an hour in my counselors office and she convinced me theater was the right choice. Two months later I changed it to Sociology. 2 years after that I was employed at Planned Parenthood. 8 after that I threw it all away to travel the world. And almost 1 year after that, I find myself sitting on the couch and staring out the window again, faced with another world of possibilities. But this time I have a view of the Alhambra. This time Jon is sitting across from me pondering the same thing (Rah, still wish you were here too! xoxo!). And this time I am a little wiser in knowing that the details of my choice, such as my major or career, alone will not dictate the course of the rest of my life. Probably more important is the way in which I respond to my choices and to the world. Trusting my instincts, recognizing good opportunities and taking them, working my hardest, and just moving forward are skills I have learned and will hold on to, no matter where the road ahead leads us.

All this said, Mom,Dad, friends and family- if you have any suggestions, we’re all ears!

And of course, some photos from the past week in Granada…


Entrance to the “Corpus Feria de Granada”. Basically the biggest fair I have ever witnessed. Made the San Diego Fair look so dinky!


Inside the Feria


There must have been hundreds of awesome rides. And what was different from the US is that they were sooo close together. I kept thinking that the people on different rides were going to collide!


Our Spanish teacher, Susanna, leading a Samba group at the Feria. Great beats and energy!


Our whole Spanish class met at the Feria to see Susanna perform! We didn’t leave until after 3:30am, like good Espanoles. And there were still tons of people around of all ages!


They sure like their jamon (ham) here!


And we sure like the Paella! I guess it was a good thing that we didn’t know it would cost us $30!


First sushi on World Tour! I was one happy birthday girl.


We were upgraded to the top floor of our apartment at no extra charge! We have more space and a view of the Alhambra! The best part is the natural light.


Literally all day long, we hear people yelling at their drivers trying to help them get through the tiny road outside our apartment. At least now we are on the third floor and the noise is a little softer. It is still enjoyable to watch and occasionally hear clapping once they pass through unscratched.


“Noticias de Granada”, our student-made news broadcasting in Spanish class today.


Jon is in character for our “noticia” or news segment. He is supposed to be a mad scientist…with earrings made of garlic of course. His name, Juan Ajo Einstein. …I didn’t think it was possible, but I think someone had too much coffee this morning. πŸ˜‰