Why we are staying in Granada for 5 weeks

A couple of weeks ago we talked about our decision making process and why we decided to come to Spain. What a great decision that was! Here are some reasons why we are so glad we will be spending 5 weeks in Granada, in no particular order:

1. $2 beverages with complimentary tapas!

We’ve made it an almost daily tradition to go out for tapas, which are Spanish “snacks” but which are much more filling than they sound. We’re usually full after just two! We love going to these bars especially in gardens and squares because it meets our 3-B requirement: Bueno, Bonito, y Barato (Good, Pretty, and Cheap)! We’ve been told that tapas originated in Granada and only here are they complimentary with the purchase of any beverage. What more reason do you need to visit!?

2. Affordable, adorable accommodation

We found a great apartment in the center of the Albaicin area, which is the “old” area of the center with lots of great restaurants, cobble stone streets, and which is within walking distance to just about everything. There is also a shared terrace on the third floor with a view of the Alhambra!


Got the keys! How cute is this place!?



Jon’s first order of business- check the coffee maker.



See all of those white scratch marks outside of our apartment? That is from years of cars trying to squeeze through the narrow road there! We hear and see cars trying to fit through all day long.


3. Spanish Spanish Spanish!

On our 3rd day in Granada, we were getting tapas and noticed a young woman surrounded by papers and Spanish books at the table next to us. We asked her what school she was attending and how it was going. She highly recommended the school and the price was reasonable, so we decided to join two days later! We didn’t even know we were going to take Spanish classes here, but we are so glad to be studying at Delengua. The teachers are great and they host a variety of fun evening and weekend activities. After class we  continue to speak Spanish for a couple of hours with new friends we have made and even signed up for a tour of Granada in Spanish! We’ll tell you about how that went in a future post.


Friends from Spanish school!



At the “Master Chef” challenge at the Spanish school, about 20 students divided into three teams and made Spanish tortillas which is like an omelet or cake made of egg, potato, and onion!



One activity was playing pool at a local bar. Esther won the game for us and it was only her 2nd time ever playing pool! And yes, we spoke Spanish while playing so it was somewhat educational as well 😉


4. Handicrafts and architecture

The mix of Spanish and Arabic architecture and handicrafts make Granada such a unique and beautiful city! It is not uncommon to walk down a road lined with typical Spanish style buildings and churches with a Moorish/Arabic arch between them. The handicrafts and souvenirs are so spectacular too. It takes every ounce of self control I have to resist buying everything I see. I don’t really have much space in my backpack for lamps and tapestries…but there must be a way! Hmm.











5. The unbeatable views

And last but not least, we love it here because of the countless, incredible views of the Alhambra. It is almost difficult to walk anywhere and not be confronted by it’s beauty. Each time I see it, I lose my breath a little. We plan to do a night tour of it this week.







What did we miss?