Mexico, you are beautiful and we will miss you!

15+ hours on two normal buses, two combis (crazy vans), and two WILD rides on “chicken buses” (think Indiana Jones ride or Mr. Toad’s Wild Adventure…but instead of being at Disneyland you are on a school bus packed with 50+ people, and tearing through the mountains) and we’ve finally arrived in Guatemala! And we promise to post more about this magical new land soon.

But first, we wanted to write one last post about Mexico. I mean, we spent almost 5 whole months there! In the first country of our trip! I know, so much for a “World Tour” right? Right!! Because this is the beauty of what we’re doing! No itinerary. No flights booked. No  expectations. And all the time in the world (well a lot of time anyway). One thing we realized early on is that traveling slowly is our style. It gives us time to really get to know each place we visit, make friends, find the best local restaurants, all at a relaxing snail’s pace. We love slow mornings and big breakfasts. We love walking around aimlessly in a new city. We love making friends and then hanging out more than just once with them. We love recognizing people we know when we’re walking around the market or having a beer at a bar. We love being regulars and having our “usual” cafe’s. We love days where we do nothing and stay in and watch movies or read or knit or draw or talk. And so yes we’re moving like snails…and we are loving every minute of it!

OK back to Mexico for a minute. Mexico was really a huge place to start. Even having lived just a 30 minute drive from the border, we really had no idea just how big, how diverse, and how vibrant this country really was. And we didn’t even get to see half of it! I mean we missed some big ones- Puerto Vallarta, the whole Yucatan, Teotihuacan ruins, Mexico City! But what we did see was magnificent and life changing. Two of the most amazing parts of Mexico that will carry with us are 1) the people – friendly, smiley, humble, genuine, polite, strong-willed, resilient. And 2) The art- vibrant, expressive, explosive, real, powerful, sweet, colorful, everywhere. And we hope that our blog posts depicted Mexico in this way, which is how we saw it every day. And with that, we end with some more photos of the beauty we saw all around us- in the art and the people. Once again, disfruta! (enjoy)

Street Art in Oaxaca











Handicraft Art:

Love Alebrijes!

Love Alebrijes!

Alebrije- Painted Wood Carving

Alebrije-.Painted Wood Carving

Black Clay

Black Clay

Black clay

Black clay

Much of this beautiful art is the livelihood of many of the indigenous people living just outside the city. They sell them at insanely affordable prices making them accessible and enjoyed by everyone…especially Dads who come to visit…

Dad's collection from Oaxaca

Dad’s collection from Oaxaca

Oh and a Carolyn original too of course…


And lastly, we wanted to say “LOS EXTRANAMOS MUCHO!” to our friends from Oaxaca- Clau, Luci, Leti, and Harmony, and our pal Rubyat from back home in San Diego who came to visit!