From the beach to the city

What better way to say goodbye to a place you love than with good friends and margaritas!? Mikey and Jessica visited us during our last week in Zipolite which helped ease the pain of saying goodbye to our Zipolite home and family. It was an incredible feeling to be able to share a piece of our World Tour that has affecting us so profoundly with people we love.

Last week in Zipolite Highlights:

Releasing baby turtles!

Amigos Thanksgiving!

Last moments!

So naturally at the end of any journey/endeavor/phase/project, we must reflect. So last night while having dinner at La Jicara in Oaxaca City, just minutes before the free movie was about to start, we created a list of accomplishments from our time in Zipolite:

  • Speared a fish! (thanks Lindsey!)
  • Feeling physically strong and healthy through yoga and surfing almost every day for a month
  • Made new friends and deepened current friendships
  • Hosted three guests! Everyone had a great time and no one got sick! Woohoo!
  • Learned how to make traditional Mexican cuisine- Mole chicken and tamarindo water
  • Overcame fears – crazy big waves, new food, the dark, lightning, barking dogs, noises at night, scorpions
  • Learned how to do Zen Art (thanks Jessica!)
  • Gained a better grip on our financial status and future
  • Further developed a business idea
  • Improved Spanish!

Oaxaca City here we come!


Now, what better way to start a new journey than with the same friends who helped you say goodbye to the last journey!? After saying farewell to our home for the past 2 months, Jessica and Mikey joined us on our trip to Oaxaca City where we traded waves, humidity, and relaxation of the beach for cobblestone streets, coldi-sh / dry air, and the hustle bustle of city life. First we stopped in San Jose, a small freezing mountain town half way between Zipolite and Oaxaca City. What a change in scenery and weather! Arriving after dark with 40 degree temps, howling wind, and dressed in sandals and shorts, we had a moment of panic. Where are we going to stay tonight!? Thankfully we were rescued by a San Diegan who happened to be in the same cafe as us and drove us to a beautiful cabin on the hillside where he admittedly gets a commission but swore was the best lodging for miles.

Next stop: Oaxaca City!

Kicking off the next leg of our journey, the four of us enjoyed delicious food, wine, mezcal, coffee, progressive bookstores, and strolled the markets and handicraft vendors in the vibrant and energetic Oaxaca City.

We wanted to give special THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU to our Zipolite family: Lindsey, Edgar and Maya who made our time in Zipolite so special and memorable. We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate your friendship and the light you have brought into our lives. We also wanted to give a big THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU to the guests who took time out of their lives to travel down to Zipolite because they just missed us so much!! Julia, Mikey and Jessica- we are so honored you came to see us and share such a special experience with us. Now you can go home and tell people how we’re not just making all this up! It’s real and its awesome! 😀

Coming next in World Tour news…

Just a few days ago we found a sweet apartment in a safe, quiet neighborhood near the University Benito Juarez, about a 20-minute walk from the “Centro”. We feel at home and have to keep reminding ourselves that this is a “World” tour, not just a Mexico tour. That said, feel free to start making bets on when/if we will ever leave this amazing country. 10413416_10102789949146374_3698070426668162624_n