Double icing on the cake!


Got your attention did we? We sure know the way to your heart. OK promise there is a connection- a symbolic one. Here goes: On top of the cake that is our time in Zipolite is a double layer of icing that is two back to back visits from our loved ones! The first layer was a visit last week from Carolyn’s sister (ahem, twin sister) Julia. The second layer is a visit from our dear friends Jessica and Mikey which is happening right now!

Hosting Julia was such a blast! It was such a special treat to be able to spend quality time with family on this journey where Facetime is usually our closest connection with loved ones. We chilled, laughed, and talked a lot. We navigated the streets, hailed a Chivera, and took her to one of our favorite spots, Punta Cometa. We introduced her to Jesus from Sal y Pimienta Restaurant and to Isa, our beloved yoga instructor. We taught her how to spear fish and how to deal with barking dogs and mosquitos. We drank coconuts, beer and mezcal under a palapa on the beach…a few times. Being the “host” and “tour guide” as opposed to the “guest” and “newcomer” was a thrill and gave us confidence in our Spanish skills, ability to adapt, and ourselves.



First she yells at her surf board. Then she gets up! Go Julia! (Look at that proud teacher in the background).

IMG_6981   IMG_6984


Spearfishin. We finally caught some! And they were yummy.


Other fun stuff…

Coming up next! This week we will spend our last few days here in Zipolite with Mikey and Jessica and even have a Mexican style Thanksgiving dinner and then all head together along with Lindsey and Edgar to Oaxaca City to explore the rich culture, delicious food, and vibrant city life! We are so sad to leave this amazing place that has become our home, but are excited for a new adventures ahead. Stay tuned!