The Magical Waterfalls!


When Lindsey asked if we wanted to go to camping at the Cascadas Magicas (magical waterfalls) our answer was a solid…heck yes! But we had no idea exactly how incredibly magical and out of this world these waterfalls would be. First, imagine taking a 3 hour drive through thick green jungle along a bumpy, gravelly dirt road in hot, humid weather.


Then imagine parking next to a mystical, turquoise, mineral rich pool, jumping into said pool, splashing around, and even swimming beneath a waterfall. After cooling off, you would set off on the hike to the cascadas magicas, thinking to yourself, “wait these aren’t the magical waterfalls?”. Hiking along the clay trail lined with moss, twisty trees, and big green leaves in every direction, you stop when you see a rope swing hanging from a tree! Jon tests it out first of course.

Keep on hiking and you reach the Cascadas Magicas. You pause and take in the breathtaking beauty of nature. A man-made wooden railing and some rope guide you up the waterfall (like literally through the rushing water) and into a cave (that’s right, a cave). Jon goes through the cave first without hesitation. Carolyn yells, “Jon what are you doing!? You aren’t going in there, are you!? Wait for me!” Lindsey follows like a champ. We are lowered into a small and surprisingly clean and bug-less dark ravine where we follow the water out a hole that takes us back to Edgar who is playing with their dog Maya in the pool below.


You might decide to stay for a bit in the cool water, then hike back to the campground, make some rabbit for dinner, play some cards with hot cocoa. Then sleep to the sound of rushing water.

Breakfast at camp

Breakfast at camp

You’d likely wake up the next morning slowly with coffee and scrambled eggs, play some more cards, and then head to the “big” magical waterfalls, thinking to yourself “wait, there are bigger waterfalls!?”. What better way to spend a weekend than among nature’s two most incredible wonders- waterfalls and good people. Here are more magical pictures:

And the icing on the cake this weekend was picking up Carolyn’s sister, Julia!!! She has stopped by to spend a few days with us on her way back home to San Francisco after a two week work trip in Nicaragua. More on our reunion in the next post. Hasta luego!