Baby showers and spearfishing

Almost 2 months! Can you believe that’s how long we’ve been in Zipolite!? Time’s fun when you’re having flies right? 😉 As we’ve mentioned before, some of our days feel pretty normal and similar to life back in San Diego. We love these days because we feel like we are becoming more immersed in the culture. Other days are exciting and new! We love these days too because we are growing with each new experience. Either way, every day is special and helps us to reach our World Tour goals. Here are just some of those “normal” and “new” experiences: The Normal: Birthdays, dinner parties, and baby showers. While these activities seem like quite “normal” activities, the fact that usually 99% of the time we are speaking Spanish during them make them quite special and unique to us.

The New: And then there are days that are a bit unique and exciting. Like the time we went spearfishing! What a rush! Carolyn sure felt (and kinda looked) like an underwater Katniss!

There’s also the time we hiked through a sacred forest to Punta Cometa, the southern-most point of Mexico, at sunset!

Oh and the time we surfed at Barra de la Cruz, a world renowned surf break! This quiet indigenous town was put on the map by the 2006 ASP World Championship Surf Contest. The breaks go on for miles here which is what makes it so popular. IMG_6462 Oh ya and that day we spent all day at San Agustin and some manta rays kept swimming back and forth along the shore line just to say hello! IMG_6303 So with almost 2 months in the same place under our belts, we are beginning to feel more fully immersed in the community here as the “new” becomes “normal”. We know our neighbors and local shop owners. We know the hidden gems and restaurants around town. And with all of this time to think and chat, we know a little bit more about ourselves and each other.

Coming up…. Next Week: Carolyn’s sister Julia comes to visit!! We can’t wait!

Week after next: Our friends Mikey and Jessica come for Thanksgiving and then together we all head to Oaxaca City for the next leg of our journey!