3 Cabanas by the sea

We made it! We’ve finally reached Zipolite, Oaxaca, where we will stay for 1-2 months. The past 3 week road trip down the coast was spectacular and exhausting- beach camping, sea turtles, napping in hammocks, seclusion, and breathtaking sunsets. In addition- being on a bus for anywhere between 3 and 9 hours in one day, eating out for every meal (sometimes eating tuna out of a can with crackers for lunch), stomach issues (will spare you the details), a scorpion, and lots of waiting on the side of the road beneath the hot hot sun. As I said, spectacular and exhausting. We are so excited to settle down for a bit.

IMG_6110We chose the location of Zipolite, Oaxaca, to spend a couple of months for a few reasons- 1) our good friends Lindsey and Edgar live here. 2) We really can’t be away from the beach for more than like a couple of weeks and 3) the state of Oaxaca is known for their unique and savory cuisine, rich culture, and friendly people.

Our new casa is amazing! (Note to self: find new words for “amazing”) It belongs to a couple named Matt and Jen who are friends of Lindsey and Edgar and who built it themselves, with obviously lots of love. This quiet, private house consists of not one but three separate cabanas! They sit atop a mountain and overlook the expansive beach below. Fittingly, we now call it “Tres Cabanas”. Here is a description of each cabana:

Cabana #1

This cabana has 3 stories- an attic with ocean view and space for a hammock, the second story we call the living room/dining room/office, and the first floor is the bathroom. We eat most of our meals here as it has the best view of the beaches below and gets a nice cool breeze all day. It also has internet which is why we use it as an “office”. We’ve finally achieved the window ocean view office! And all it took was quitting our jobs 😉

Cabana #2

Kitchen and patio. We have been cooking a lot and we sometimes eat meals on the patio when it isn’t too hot out.

Cabana #3

Large bedroom with attached covered patio/yoga room/laundry room. We mostly just sleep in this cabana.


Interested in buying this place? It’s actually for sale! Check out their website: http://casabonitazipolite.blogspot.mx/ for details. It is the second property listed. Anyone wanna go 50/50? 🙂

After finally settling down here we’ve come to appreciate the little things that we didn’t have consistently over the past few weeks- a reliable water source, a washing machine, a lack of mosquitos due to the ocean breeze, cooking meals, internet, and being a bit more self reliant.

1395827_10201784912161198_476973413_n IMG_6256

We wanted to give a big special MIL GRACIAS to Lindsey and Edgar (and their doggie Maya!) for making our time here so enjoyable. We feel so lucky to know you two and are so grateful for all you have done for us to make us feel welcome, comfortable, and a part of this community and your lives.