Why did the turtle cross the beach?


Last week, we bussed and hitch-hiked (sorta) down the Central Pacific Coast through the states of Colima, Michoacan, Guerrero, and Oaxaca. Having lived in San Diego for 10+ years, our standards on beach beauty are pretty high, but WOW. I think the pictures below tell it all. Our stops included:

  • Ticla -huge waves, great surf spot
  • What we call the “secret” beach -not found on maps, only locals know about it, let us know if you end up heading this way and we may spill the beans on the real name!
  • Rio Nexpa- Another surfer paradise with lots of cabanas, a delicious restaurant with fresh fish sandwiches, pulpo (octopus), and the best shrimp soup ever! It’s such a popular surf spot that we ran into some OBceans who live on the same street as us!
  • Zihuatanejo (“Zihua”)- Big, bustling beach city with a beautiful bay surrounded by green hills sprinkled with homes. The water and chicitas (small waves) are warm but no surf boards to rent in sight!
  • Acapulco- Beautiful sunset views, cliff divers, bustling city. You HAVE to eat at Miguel’s restaurant Cevichazo. Best ceviche around!

Trip Highlight!: On this trip we had one of the most amazing days and it all started with a woman named Margarita who was making some tamales. It is common on the beaches to set up a tent or rent a cabana from a local family who lives on the beach. They will also make you meals and coffee upon request. We camped and cabana-ed with Margarita and her family for 5 nights on the secret beach. One afternoon, we were relaxing under the palapa and staring into the turquoise waves when we heard a loud grinding noise. We looked back towards the house and noticed Margarita pouring bowls of yellow corn into a machine.


She explained to us that she was making tamales. Seeing our wide eyes, she invited us to help her make more tamales at her sister’s farm down the way. And we sure had quite the experience- picking corn from the field, shucking the corn and feeding the worms to the chickens, playing Spanish hangman with the kids for hours, watching (and intently not watching) a goat get slaughtered, and finally enjoying the sweet maiz (corn) tamales covered in cream sauce. A night to remember.

 So you might be wondering about the answer to the title of this blog post by now. Well, upon our return to our camping area, emerged from the dark ocean (it was night time now), a big, slow, beautiful sea turtle! It lurched itself right next to our tent! And then it dug. And dug. And swooshed the sand behind it with its paddle-like arms. And it sat. And we stared. And Margarita and her family laid out on a blanket and watched it like they were at the movies. And then it gave a snort, turned around and left. And so the answer to the post title “Why did the turtle cross the beach” is “to lay its eggs by our tent of course!”

After 3 weeks on the road, backpacking, camping, and bussing 20 hours, we are SO ready to settle down in this cute beach city, Zipolite, Oaxaca, home of our friends Lindsey and Edgar. We plan to be here for about a month or more. We are excited to see what new adventures await us in our new home!