Chapala, Colima, and cabins, oh my!

For the past two weeks we have been slowly creeping by bus through some small and big towns as we make our way to the beautiful beaches of Michoacan. Here are some of the highlights:

Guadalajara (2 nights)-

We strolled downtown and marveled at the beautiful cathedrals, theatres, and museums. The Tapatios (the name for the people of Guadalajara, who yes, inspired the creation of your favorite hot sauce) are proud of their mariachi bands and local dishes- tortas ahogadas and carne en su jugo. We tried them both- savory, juicy, meaty, delicious!


 Tlaquepaque (3 nights)-

We enjoyed a couple of quiet days here at this popular get-away spot with a cute zocalo (square) with lots of great crafts, shopping and of course the famous flying dancers, the Voladoras! This traditional performance dates so far back (even before the Aztecs) that the original purpose of it is unknown. Nevertheless, the current purpose seems to be sheer entertainment and tips!

Los Voladores:

Traditional music and performance of Guadalajara (in Tlaquepaque):

 Chapala (2 nights)-

What a nice little escape! Chapala was a great place to enjoy the peace and quiet of a small lake town. Nothing to really report here except some good ol relaxation and strolls by the lake. Oh, and we had our first negative experience which included an angry old man who tried to pull a fast one on us! Long story short- justice prevailed and only 10 pesos were lost.


Colima (4+ nights)-

Colima has a really fun downtown area with a beautiful zocalo (square) where everyone congregates at night to sit, people watch, eat, and enjoy the warm night. So far we have eatin Pazole and Sopes, gone salsa-ish dancing, jammed out with the guitar and violin with new friends, and spoken LOTS of Spanish. At first this was just going to be a quick stop over point to break up the 8 hour drive to the coast from Chapala but we have decided to stay here a few more days to wait out the hurricane that is currently passing through the pacific coast. And we’re sure glad we did because we’ve met some really nice people through Airbnb and Couchsurfing. Now we are staying with a new friend we have met through Couchsurfing, Andrea. She has a beautiful house in the country-side and has been just an incredible host and friend. For the past 2 nights, we literally slept in a hanging bed in a cabin the woods. There is nothing like sleeping to the sound of wind in the trees, rain drops, and crickets. Check it out!

 Overall, we are so happy to have found these little hidden gems not only because they have unique and special qualities as towns but because we have met some really fantastic people along the way. And it is truly the connections and people that have made our World Tour so far, very memorable.

Oh and last but not least…Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Love you!