You know you’re a tourist when…


Despite our best efforts to blend in and immerse ourselves, sometimes we just can’t avoid looking and acting like tourists. And ya know what, we’ve come to embrace it. We are travelers. We’re citizens of good ol ‘Merica. We are following our dreams and passions. We’re learning. We are free. And we thought we’d take a moment to share some of the tell tale signs of who we are… tourists… and proud of it!

You know you’re a tourist when:

  • You brush your teeth with bottled water.
  • Your eyes get big when you order a soda and they give it to you in a glass of ice…you drink it anyway and pray.Michelada=beer + tomato juice+ lime+salt/chili rim
  • You blame your headaches, diarrhea, and hangovers on the ice. The ice from your four micheladas.
  • Thunderstorms and barking dogs scare you every time.
  • You accidentally flush the toilet paper down the toilet instead of throwing it in the waste bin. Thank goodness it doesn’t overflow.
  • You are constantly amazed that no on else is wearing sandals, sunglasses, or shorts. It’s 80 degrees out!
  • You often say “this would never fly in the US.” and “in the US, that would be a lawsuit right there”. In many parts of the world, the primary liability insurance is personal responsibility.
  • You get laughed at by a cab driver when you give them old money that hasn’t been used for 30
  • You are constantly tripping on the uneven but beautiful cobblestone walkways and streets.
  • You ask “cuanto es” before you purchase, eat, or look at anything. (“How much is this?”)
  • You start to feel paranoid, like everyone who laughs is laughing at you and thinking to themselves “stupid tourists…”
  • You carry around a Lonely Planet guidebook and try to hide it as much as possible.
  • You start a blog.
  • You ask a question in Spanish, and they respond in English.
  • Your clothes start to stink.
  • When people approach you trying to sell something you smile and respond “lo siento, no hablo espanol”

So next time it is tourist season in San Diego and everything gets crowded, and there are weird people wandering around tripping over the pavement, staring at their maps… we’re going to remember what it’s like to be in a new place. Afterall, tourists are great! They are out of their comfort zone and exploring the beautiful place we call home. 🙂