A two hour bus ride from Guadalajara is the small, quiet, mini-Napa like town, Tequila. As the name implies, their claim to fame is the numerous distilleries and rolling hills of agave plants that produce most of the world’s tequila. The views from the bus window were stunning.

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Thanks to our friends Vera and Evan Rice, we were able to meet up with their good friend Guillermo Sauza, who gave us a personalized tour of his distillery, Fortaleza (aka Los Abuelos in Mexico). We learned that this family operated business uses time honored techniques and materials such as wooden barrels, good ol fashioned manual labor, and locally blown glass for bottling. Guillermo spent two hours showing us the land and the process of how the beautiful 6 foot agave plant is turned into many beautiful 1 foot bottles of tequila. We wanted to take a moment to thank Vera and Evan for making the connection and to Guillermo for taking time out of his day to give us such a personalized tour and welcoming us as friends. Touring his distillery was truly a highlight of our trip so far. And I’ll tell ya,  4 tastings of tequila at 9:30 in the morning made us just want to get up on the bar and dance!

Friends and family- if you are interested in drinking quality artisan tequila, we encourage you to try Fortaleza! It is sold in many restaurants, bars, and stores! Look for the beautiful bottle with the agave cork!


And finally by request, some foodie pics:

Now we are back in the Guadalajara area, but are in Tlaquepaque (tlah-kee-PAH-kee), a place I call the San Diego North Park of Guadalajara- cute, trendy, artsy, crafty, great night scene, yummy restaurants. In a few days we will start heading to the coast- stopping at Lake Chapala for a few days, then Mazamitla, Colima, and finally the beaches!