First stop: Guanajuato, Mexico

OK folks, it’s official! Our first flight is booked and takes off from Tijuana on Tuesday August 19 and lands in Leon, Mexico. From there we will head to our first desination- Guanajuato. We chose this historical and vibrant city as our first stop for a few reasons: 1) It is located in the highlands smack dab in the middle of Mexico far from the hurricanes and humidity that befall the coastline this time of year. Weather is one of our top factors in determining the “where” and “when” of our travels. 2) We need to brush up on our Spanish skills and Guanajuato has tons of great Spanish language classes. And 3) Friends have recommended we visit this town and have described it as one of the cutest and most beautiful cities in the country. We’ve always dreamed of staying in one of those colorful little haciendas on the hillside, just like in the pictures!


After spending a couple of weeks here, we plan to explore the western coast a bit, tour the Ruta del Tequila near Guadalajara and then head to Zipolite, Oaxaca to visit our friends Lindsey and Edgar. We can’t wait!

Got recommendations for places we should visit in Mexico? Please let us know!