Going out on a high note!

In an effort to gain some closure, bring people together, and go out “on a high note” , we have had a couple of farewell parties. Seeing many of the people we love in one space is such a stunning experience. At times we would pause, look around, breathe, and take in the blessing that is our support system- our friends and family.

This past weekend we had a joint yard sale with our roomies, Luis and Caryl, and a Farewell BBQ. Here is the recap: $457.67 made from the yard sale! The house/neighborhood was bumpin with tunes from our friend, DJ Jonathan Dale (thank you JD!). Party-goers enjoyed great summer BBQ grub, an epic sunset over the ocean (1 block from our house), and awesome company! There was even a slow dance by yours truly! Thank you to everyone for celebrating with us and for your kind words. If you couldn’t make it, then you’ll just have to meet us sometime during our trip!

Even though we’ve said goodbye to many people, we don’t actually leave leave until August 19. Over the next few weeks we will continue to pack up our lives into two backpacks and finalize our plans.

The next goodbyes/see-ya-laters will be to our families. This is NOT going to be easy…