Meetings are fun!

Over the past 6 months we have been scheduling meetings with some of our world traveler friends for advice. We often met over food and wine (or skype), exchanged travel stories, and left with tons of great tips and resources. Here are some of those tips:

Always bring a flashlight when you go for a hike up a mountain. It might be dark for the hike back down! (Carl). If you want to find local things to do, ask street artists. And bring sneakers (Jamie). Get a Charles Schwab ATM card. No withdraw fees anywhere in the world! (Lauren and Scott). Talk to your taxi drivers, bus riding companions, and locals. They are often very helpful and generous with their time and expertise (Marianne and Kacey). Tell everyone about your long-term travel plans early on. It will hold you more accountable (Becca). Making plans to meet up with friends and family in different regions is a great way to structure your travels (Tamara and Chris). Only eat street food if it’s hot (Jenny and Tom). Bring Pepto pills! (Daniele and Doug).

To everyone who sat down with us for hours or just took us aside for a minute to share your thoughts and recommendations… thank you. All of your wisdom and encouragement will help us to maximize our experiences and minimize the road bumps. But really, we just wanted to spend time with you and drink wine 😉

Soon we will see just how closely we were paying attention! Less than 1 month away!