What are you doing with all of your stuff!?

We get this question a lot and the answer is quite simple- we are either going to store it in the garage or get rid of it. This week we spent hours sorting through the garage and deciding what stays and what goes.

“So what are you doing with your place?” is the next question. Well the answer to that is simple as well. We’re keeping it! Our wonderful friends, Luis and Caryl, will be subletting while we are away. This means that the garage can be used for storage and also that we’ll move back in upon our return. And since their previous housing lease ended June 30, Luis and Caryl have actually already moved in and we are apartment-mates for a month before we take off!

We feel very fortunate to have such close friends who we trust and love moving into our beloved beach bungalow and enjoying all that OB has to offer…especially the people, sunsets, and burritos!

The yard sale will take place July 26! Leave a comment or email us for details!